Say it! Saturday: Want for nothing

It’s week 3 of my new blog meme, Say it! Saturday (read more on what this is all about on the first edition) and I’ve yet to run out of things to say. Phew.

Say it! Saturday, my third edition:

Appreciate what you have right this moment. Know the difference between want and need.

It’s especially difficult to remember this during a time of sales and “gotta have it” commercials. I’m making wish lists and scouring sites for gifts to buy others, knowing full well that none of it is anything anyone really needs. The kids already have more than enough toys, and the adults own way too many DVDs.

Of course, it’s OK to give and get. But just remember to appreciate everything you already have – especially the stuff you can’t put a price tag on. Because when given the choice, we’d all want for nothing if we knew it meant we’d never need a thing.

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