What’s a mommy blogger?

At the risk of sounding insensitive – or too sensitive, as the case may be – my knee-jerk reaction is to be slightly offended when I’m called a mommy blogger. I’ve never considered myself a mommy blogger, and I don’t even like being called “mommy.”

Like most girls, I kept a personal diary/journal when I was a preteen/teen. But after high school, it felt silly. Suddenly though, there emerged an online version, on which you could write out your secrets and then receive comments from friends (or strangers, depending on your privacy settings).

Thus, in 2003, I began writing on livejournal as frankenrox. This was my first blog. I could be witty and cryptic. I could spill my guts and leave them out on the table to fester, or I could write euphemisms for what was really on my mind.

Eventually I went on to create various other blogs, including an incredibly public one for work called Me and My Monster (at first it was called Then There Were Three, but then I divorced and that sounded weird). I’ve moved to this blog, On the Rox, a personal blog in which I write random posts not just about my kid, but my health, and various other topics of my liking.

I’ve hosted all of ONE giveaway here. I don’t write sponsored posts. I don’t tout brands or write about my shopping experience at Target to pick up Tampax – at least not because they’ve paid me to (so if you ever see that here, you should know it’s genuinely because I love and support whatever I’m talking about). I don’t chronicle events I’ve been invited to attend for free, nor do I receive any other items for free.

Not. That. There’s. Anything. Wrong. With. That.

If you like free crap and don’t mind writing what’s basically a commercial on your blog to get it, be my guest. Ride that bandwagon straight to the bank. If I could be so bold as to venture an educated guess, this trend is going to run its course, just like every other trend, related and unrelated. So by all means, take advantage. You’re making more than I am, I’m sure of it, and that’s OK with me.

Because I don’t blog for money. In fact, I don’t even blog for page views. (Insane, right?) I blog for me. Roxanne. A girl who adores writing – and is rather good at it – and sometimes needs a place for her well-structured sentences and grammatically-correct word vomit to land.

Even when I haven’t blogged for weeks, I’m constantly writing blog posts in my head. To me, a blog post will always be like writing in my diary at night when I was a little girl – some of them were mundane entries, like, “Oh, my mom made me sooooo mad today. But that’s OK because I loooove Jeremy,” and others were deep, insightful views into a tortured teenage soul.

In this blog, yes, I’m a mother (or mom, or mama), but also a divorcee, and a 30-year-old struggling with depression and weight issues, and a friend, and a full-time employee, and a daughter, and now a fiancee. And so many other things.

Except mommy blogger.

What are you?

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