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Say it! Saturday

There are a gajillion blog theme days out there. I’ve personally had a thing for 10 on Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday and Fill-in-the-blank Friday. I even did Music Monday for awhile.

They’re fun and easy blog fodder – for me often working as a tool to get the creative juices flowing and leading to more posts. Or sometimes they’re my only posts. Whatever the case, they’re fun for me to write, and hopefully fun for (one or two) people to read.

I’ve decided to start my own theme for Saturdays. Say it! Saturday will give me the chance to say something I’ve been meaning to say and haven’t, or something I’ve been saying all week and need to say one more time. Perhaps it’s something I don’t want to say, but must. Some weeks I’ll be on my soapbox, and others I’ll be whispering from under it.

Some weeks it will have context. Some weeks it won’t. I’m not normally the cryptic type, so it’ll likely be the former more often than not, but a girl’s gotta have secrets sometimes, right?

If you’d like to join me in this weekly declaration of sorts, I’d love to see what you have to say. Say your thang in a comment or in your own blog. I bet you have a few things you’d like to get out.

Say it! Saturday, my first edition:

Procrastination will only add more stress to your already stressful life. Stop putting it off.

I used to proudly tout the phrase, “If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.” But that stemmed from my college days – when I had way more energy to throw around and much easier problems (though, admittedly, I certainly didn’t think they were so easy at the time). Nowadays I realize that waiting for the last minute to do something only causes unnecessary extra strife.

So whether it’s a looming deadline or a dreaded conversation, do it. Get ‘er done. It’ll seem a much easier task if it’s tackled in planned segments rather than rushed through at the 11th hour.

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Ten on Tuesday: The Return

1. I’m still mostly deaf in my left ear. The doctor said my ear infection is getting better, but that there’s likely fluid build-up behind my eardrum, from my sinus cavity. Which grosses me out and pisses me off. So now I’m sinus-rinsing every night (gag) and taking Zyrtec-D, which I’m certain stands for Zyrtec-Drunk, because that’s how it makes me feel. Drugs are bad.

2. Except, they’re not that bad. I’ve never been the type to pop a pill the second I feel uncomfortable, but this allergy/decongestant combo is actually doing the trick. I’m starting to notice the difference already, so I have high hopes.

3. Generic brands rock my world.

4. I wince a little every time I look at my son’s face and see his mouth sores. I feel so bad for him. That can’t have been fun, and I’m thankful he’s on the mend.

5. I’m maxed out on vacation hours – which means I’ve saved up as much as I’m allowed to, and now I’m not accruing anymore until I take some. So I’ve got a mini-vacation coming up, during which Sam and I have big plans to be AWE (wait for it) …

6. Some.

7. The ex-husband/best friend/baby daddy (we’ll call him Ben, for short) interviewed Paul Simon today, and was pretty ecstatic about it. So assuming they’re now totes BFFs, I asked Ben after he got off the phone, “Will he let you call him Betty?” Oh yeah. I went there.

8. Does anybody know if water goes bad? I often leave some sitting on my desk in my BPA-free closed bottle and tend to want to drink it rather than toss it for a fresh pour. But what if there’s bacteria? Maybe it’s contaminated.

9. Speaking of Signs, I forgot how fantastic of a movie The Sixth Sense is. What spooky (but not too spooky) movies are you watching in honor of Halloween?

10. Can someone please tell me where the band Yuck has been all my life? And also, why the seemingly ill-fitted name?

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