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Santa Claus

The story of Santa, as told during Hanukkah

When it came to learning the alphabets and how to count, Sam’s village was in sync. We all constantly sing songs to him and try to teach him good manners. Instead of “I want juice,” we remind him to ask nicely, and he switches it to, “Please may I have some juice?” We’re working on the potty training thing still, but eventually we’ll all do that the same as well.

But when it comes to Christmas and the story of Santa Claus, the pressure is on me.

Hanukkah meets Christmas

Hanukkah presents under my Christmas tree

It’s not that Ben and his family are so strict about their Jewish traditions that they refuse to pass the story on. In fact, I think they’d be happy to help if I’d mentioned the dilemma early on. It just doesn’t come as naturally to them because their decorations and things are about Hanukkah. We even celebrate it all together as a family.

It’s a tough job no matter how many people are working at explaining the concept of Santa to a toddler for the first time. Especially because recently Sam started asking before bedtime if the front door is locked, “so no one can come in.” I’m not sure where that came from, but it makes it difficult to nicely explain that Santa – who he’s apprehensive about anyway when he’s met him at the mall – will be coming in the middle of the night, but to drop of presents! Presents! Don’t you want presents?

I’ve completely forgotten about Rudolph all together, I realized today. I guess the red-nosed reindeer is just gonna have to wait until next year.

In previous years, I didn’t bother trying to explain the story at all, so Santa hasn’t ever stopped by our house. But this year he will. And I’m hoping that after Sam sees the stocking filled with goodies and presents under the tree, he’ll really understand what in the world I’ve been trying to tell him this whole time.

That’s if he isn’t already filled to the brim with glee from Hanukkah presents.